'La Chanteuse' 

Most pieces in the AW13 collection can still be ordered.

This collection is French inspired - chic, elegant and classic with a fun, contemporary twist. It is designed for the woman who knows her style from head to toe, but wants to top it with a wee bit of ‘je ne sais quoi'.  Rich burgundy and creamy ivory leather flowers, strips of cut gold styrene and scribbles of tubular crin adorn intricate beaded discs, soft black cloches and felt coolies.  Entitled 'La Chanteuse', the key inspiration for the collection is one of Chambers’ favourite spots in Paris – Pere Lachaise cemetery. 


William said of the collection:

To me, the graveyard evokes a deep, pensive but optimistic mood. The gravestones are adorned with beautiful sculptural details and delicate jewel-toned ceramic flowers – this mood and these shapes and colours are apparent throughout this collection. Pere Lachaise is the resting place of many inspiring French women, including Jane Avril - the muse of Toulouse Lautrec.  I’ve brought some of his lively, scribbly lines into several pieces. Edith Piaf is also buried there – her striking hair and severe make up are reflected in some of the shapes in the collection - and you may even see her famous face peeping out from one of the pieces!” ”